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For Freedom who are Suffering! 

The people who are in prison and are living a miserable life and are deprived of basis need such as Medicines, Clothes, and basic routine eatable items. There are many people who are in jails for many years for very small crimes . G.H.S is established to get them freedom of these people.

If you might have seen by the road side that some persons buy the birds and get them freed. This is a very good act because birds are also Allah’s creatures and have also right of freedom. So if someone do this is a good act. If you support us and spend the same amount you are spending on freedom of birds can spend on freedom of persons. Regarding one severe problem regarding jail matter is that the child who is born in jail.. what is his fault? These are growing in the jail just because their mothers were in jail. The cases of these mothers who are in jail for many years but court has not passess judgment and during the case she gave birth a child. So there is no fault of the child who is born in jail. He/She has not seen the world outside but only the boundary wall of jail. Their clothes, Health, Education and training is an another matter. Like wise there are so many children spending life in jail.

Society thinks that it is a big work that by gaining the trust one each family can adopt one child. There could be other solution as well. We can sit together and with the consultation and advises we can solve this issue. They are also like us and human being and like our sons & daughters.

We have to think that our Allah has made us to do good work but we are not doing because of negative thinking has become a part of our life. We, instead of doing betterment for other we tries to stop the people who start anything good.

Here everybody is deprived of many things and always ready to takes revenge from others instead of helping them. Actually less security and no basic rights makes our personality negative.

Whether it is Jail, Office, or any shop, we are always ready to hurt any time. It should not be like this. So we have to work together and do some work for the deprived people.


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